Calcite is also known as chalk powder or natural calcium carbonate. It is in bright white color and it has nodular particle size with crytaline structure.

Chemical Formula : CaCO3

Physical Properties :

Appearance : White fine powder
Sp. gravity : 2.6 – 2.8
Oil obsorption : 12 to 15
PH of 10% slurry : 9 to 10
Water Soluble matter : max 1%
Volatile matter : max 0.5%
Purity as CaCO3 : 95%

Typical Chemical Analysis :

CaCO3 : Min. 98.5%
MgCO3 : max 1.0%
Fe2O3 : max 1.0%
Industrial Applications :

1. Paints : Used in economic quality cement primer, wood primer, Cement paint, metal primer, distemper, emulsion paint, texture coating etc.
2. Plastic : Used in rigid PVC pipes, footwear, cables, leather clothes etc.
3. Rubber : Used in Rubber industry as a bulk filler, in many rubber products.
4. Tiles and Cermaics : Important filler in tile manufacture and also as glazing material.
5. Misc. Application : Used in pollution control, neutralising chemicals for acid wash, source of calcium salt. Applications of this is also in bulk like cement, steel and other industries.

Normal Supplies
 240 mesh, 300 mesh and 400 mesh micronised / or as per customer’s demand.

Packing : HDPE bags 50 Kgs. nett.

Material Storage : Stable under ordinary condition. keep in cool dry & well ventilated It is non-hazardous & non-flammable.

Self Life : The life span is upto 5 years.

Note: The information provided are based on test report and reference. The user should test sample before bulk trial. This is purely natural process minerals. So there is possibility of purity ± 5%.