Precipited silica

Precipited silica is basically SiO2 of highest purity it is processed under controlled cinditions. Gives good absorption resisitance.

Physical Properties :

Physical appearance : Snow white free flowing powder.
Sp. gravity : 1.9 – 2.0
Water soluble : Max. 0.5%
PH of 10% aqueous solution : 6.5 to 7
Silica contents as SiO2 on Anhydrous basis : above 89%
Loss on Ignition : 10
Water obsorption : 240 to 270
Industrial Applications :

Rubber : Most important use is in rubber industry for making light weight hawai chappals.

Plastic : Used as a weight reducing filler in plastic products.

Paints : As matting agent and as good suspender in a variety of industrial & decorative paints. Also used in traffic paints.

Flooring Compunds: Used in many floor coatings, PVC tiles, etc.

Normal Supplies : above 300 mesh and as per customer’s demand

Packing : HDPE bags. 20 Kgs. nett.

Material Storage : Store the material in dry and well ventilated area , avoiding moisture & dust. This material is non-flammable.

Shelf Life : The life span is upto 5 years.

Note: The information provided are based on test report and reference. The user should test sample before bulk trial. This is purely natural process minerals. So there is possibility of purity ± 5%.


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