Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is basically a calcium carbonate made under controlled condition, bleached cleaned to get finest, brightest whit micro particles. It is preferred in industry due to ease of dispersion and consistancy.

Chemical Formula : CaO3

Physical Properties :

Appearance : White Fine Powder
Sp. gravity : 2.5 to 2.7
Bulk density : 0.6 to 0.8
Oil obsorption value : 40 to 50%
PH of 10% sol. : 8.5 to 8.8
Loss on ignition : Max. 0.5
Water soluble matter : Max. 1%
Volatile Matter : Max. 1%
Purity as CaO3 : Min. 96%

Chemical Composition :

Calcium Carbonate Content : Min. 96.0%
Silica as SiO2 : Max. 0.3%
Magnesia as MgO : Max. 0.5%
Sulpahte as SO4 : Max. 0.3%
Chloride as Cl : Max. 0.1%
Fe, Al, PO4, & Matter Insoluble : Max. 0.5%
Soluble Alkali as Na2O : Max. 0.2%
Industrial Applications :

Plastics : Most preferred mineral in PVC chappal,PVC pipes and industrial products.

Rubber : Widely used in high value rubber products.

Paints : Versatile application in paint industry. Used in distempers, emulsion paints, architectural finishes, flat paints, traffic paints, industrial primer, undercoats, putties and finishes.

Paper Industry : Most convienent filler in paper manufacture. Also used in soft boards.

Other Application : usde widely in construction chemical, rigid, PVC pipes, leather cloth industry, cable compound, and used for dusting, polishing, neutralising and other processes.

Normal Supplies : Avalaible in 240 mesh & 400 mesh micronised or as per customer’s demand.

Packing : HDPE bags. 50 Kgs. nett.

Material Storage : Stable under ordinary condition. Keep in cool, dry well ventilated area. Keep away from strong acids.

Shelf Life : The life span is upto 5 years.

Note: The information provided are based on test report and reference. The user should test sample before bulk trial. This is purely natural process minerals. So there is possibility of purity ± 5%.


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