Micro Barytes

Barytes is chemically naturally occuring barium sulphate with nodular particle structure. Supplied in super snow white (SSW) and off colour and it is a fine flow powder. It is insoluble in water and has low oil absorption. This coupled wuth strong crystaline structure and high refractive index helps it to imprat strenght.

Barytes contain minium 93 to 97% barium sulphate.

Physical Properties :

Appearance : White to off white free flowing powder
Sp. gravity : 4.3 – 4.5%
Hardness : 3 to 3.5 (mohs)
Oil obsorption value : 10 – 12%
Volatile matter : max 0.5%
Water soluble : max 0.5%
PH of 10% aqueous solution : 6 to 8
Refractive index : 1.64

Chemical Composition

BaSO4 : 93 -97%


Special Features :

Low oil demand.
Easy dispersibility.
Chemically insert. Unaffected by acids and alkali.
Highly stable at high temp.
Specific Applications :

Paint : Used as filler in paint industries and construction chemicals for primer, undercoat and putties.

Plastic : Used as filler in plastics.

 Highly recommended for floor coatings, water proofing compounds, sealants

Special Note : Barytes is a hard powder, so difficult to grind. It is always recommended to use pre micronised barytes for outstanding results.

Normal Supplies : Avaliable in SSW and off colour grades.

Supplied At : 300 mesh, and micro barytes of 700 mesh.

Packing : HDPE bags. 50 Kgs. nett.

Material Storage : Store the material in dry area, avoiding moisture & dust. This material is non-hazardous & non-flammable.

Shelf Life : The life span is upto 5 years.

Note: The information provided are based on test report and reference. The user should test sample before bulk trial. This is purely natural process minerals. So there is possibility of purity ± 5%.


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